Leaders in Inkjet Innovation

Addmaster has turned inkjet into the #1 printer for bank transactions and is pioneering new markets for this exciting technology

Our business machine heritage dates to 1962 with our iconic name-sake product, the Addmaster adding machine, of which millions were manufactured in our San Gabriel, California facility. Today, we are best known for upending impact technology in branch banking by introducing the very first inkjet teller printer to this market in 1989. This model, the IJ1000 featured the newly launched HP Thinkjet cartridge and it, along with subsequent models such as the popular IJ2040 and IJ6080, rapidly dislodged impact printing as banks discovered the many benefits that inkjet offered – quiet operation, improved print quality, and high reliability.

Addmaster’s newest generation of inkjet printers, the IJ7100 and IJ7200, features advances in print speed, quality, connectivity and cost of ownership.

With over 400,000 receipt printers installed in thousands of branches nationwide, Addmaster has turned inkjet into the #1 solution for banks and has become a recognized leader in the transaction printer field.

Today, Addmaster is leveraging state-of-the-art HP inkjet technology with our new ClariSafe brand for the health care market – bringing the benefits of color to prescription labels and drug and patient safety warnings in pharmacy and hospital settings. With our OEM product line of mechanisms and enablers we are developing other markets and Addmaster technology is presently used in a diverse fields such as ballot marking, anesthesia labeling, payment processing, kiosk printing, document processing, package coding, money order printing, and others.

All Addmaster products are designed and manufactured in the United States, at our corporate headquarters in Monrovia, California.