ClariSafe Medical Color Label Printer

Prescription information and instructions can be difficult to read and understand. Powered by HP Inkjet Technology, ClariSafe enables you to reduce the risk of medication errors by delivering clear, crisp, easy to read printed labels in color to your patients. Its print resolution also gives you the ability to print high quality graphics, alpha-numerics and 1D, 2D and 3D color barcodes. The ClariSafe Label Printer is simple to use and maintain, and easily integrates into your practice.

  • Enables depiction of medication images on label with higher resolution printing
  • Print auxiliary warning labels on demand
  • Improves readability of prescription labels with a wide range of strikingly readable fonts
  • Enhances patient understanding of prescription labels with use of color coding
  • Supplements information on prescription labels with printing of 2D and 3D high capacity color barcodes

ClariSafe Specifications

Technical Specifications
Print Method HP Inkjet Technology
Ink Cartridges 97262
Ink Type Single tri-color cartridge
Print Speed 6 labels/minute average
Print Mode Graphics, Alpha-numerics, ID, Bar codes, 2D codes, 3D color codes
Connectivity USB 2.0, Ethernet
Overall Dimensions 7" × 11" × 6"
Label Width 0.5"– 2.5"
Label Length Variable
Auto-Cutter Standard
Media Handling Roll fed ID:2"; OD:4"